Like a Strawberry


Hello Ladies,  I had a wonderful smoothie this morning that had loads of strawberries in it, and ended up with red all over my face…it was glorious.  Anyways that was my inspiration for the outfit today.  Its so beautiful out these days, why not add a little pop of color into your wardrobe!





Yellow and what else?

Hello Ladies,

I recently wore a bright lemon yellow dress to a wedding, and was forced to wear black wedges and a black scarf with it.  I looked like a giant bumblebee; the only thing keeping me grounded was the grandfather green cactus standing erect to my left.   Thank goodness the setting wasn’t in a field filled with wildflowers and tall grass.   If you do choose to wear yellow (which I highly recommend) please don’t match it with black.






















Nautical Nautical

Hello Ladies,

I hope you like my nautical spread today, happy Friday!  So I have spent the past weekend scrubbing, sanding and chipping paint of my fathers boat and that was the inspiration for todays post.  I am also going to spend a good part of this weekend touring yacht clubs and boat yards for some wedding venue ideas.  It is getting to that time of year when you have an excuse to wear blue, white and stripes even if you don’t plan to spend the day on the great blue pond.


































Yellow Spring

Hello Ladies,

A friend of mine yesterday asked me for some dress recommendations for her summer weddings.  I will definitely dedicate many blog posts this spring to great cocktail dresses for weddings, BBQ’s and general summer activities.  But I had to post about this one amazing dress that I just ordered from JCrew.  What I like best about this piece is the natural waist line, its accentuates all the good curves and hides the “bad” ones.  The color is not too shabby either, perfect for a casual wedding on the beach or a farm.  An added bonus is that the fabric won’t show marks from excessive dancing!  See below for some accessory ideas to jazz this number up!













Best Spring Jacket

Hello Ladies,

I have been really into the safari/army/Anorak jacket this spring so I thought I would dedicate a post to it!  These jackets are really great for traveling because they are lightweight and can go with just about any outfit.   Dress it up or down, with jeans or a dress anything goes.  It’s also good for a cool night in the city or a light drizzle.  Below are some of my favorites.
























All Denim

Hello Ladies,

I was feeling very inspired by the new Range Rover commercial last night and decided to channel the safari/explorer by wearing all denim.  It was perfect to just duplicate my efforts for this morning and then I discovered the local Pita restaurant has a beautiful motif painted on their outside wall that worked perfectly with my inspiration!   I think that you are always able to wear matching fabrics and colors on top and bottom as long as there is some distinction between the two.  You can see in the picture that my top is much lighter in color than my jeans, and that’s what you are aiming for in wearing denim on denim or khaki on khaki.  I also consider khaki and white to be in the same family.












$107 SALE


















White Jeans

Best Pair $60

Just because it feels like March doesn’t mean you can’t wear white Jeans.  I am a firm believer in wearing white jeans when you feel the time is right, as long as that time is after 4/1.  Below is a collection of my personal favorites.



$95 SALE

$50 SALE