Hello Ladies,

My friend Emily who is a “very busy corporate lawyer” in Boston, asked me to add a day to night outfit section.  She, like most people, does not have time to go home and change before going out for the evening.  The most important thing to remember about transition outfits is: keep it simple and accessorize like crazy.  Something as simple as a necklace can transform your office blah to a sexy number that you will be ready to paint the town red in.

This is the perfect day to night dress and what I like is the small detail in the front, which makes the piece a bit more special.  I love buying black dresses with a tiny bit of detail to keep things fresh and different.  For the office throw some tights on underneath put on a blazer and pumps (I love using antiquated words like pumps and slacks).

Now for the fun stuff, nothing says nighttime like a few studs and in this outfit the belt is the hero.


What I do to make this work look is to ensure that the buckle is in back and the end of the belt doesn’t flop around, just loop a rubber band around the belt and tuck the tail into it.  When wearing studs I like to keep everything else understated.  Sometimes I even play up the feminine angle with some jewelry.  Its nice to have mixing genres in your outfits like angle and devil (yes that is very corny but I can’t think of anything else at this moment) Another thing to note is that the tights should not be see-through, if they are then you look a little too trampy.

Belt $14.50 - Click on image

Tights $11.00 - Click on image

Shoes $139.00 - Click on image

Bracelet $6.00 - Click on image

Bracelet $6.00 - Click on image

Bracelet $6.00 - Click on image


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