Boy’s GAP – Best Sweaters

Hello Ladies,

This look was inspired by a coat I tried on yesterday at Old Navy, they have so many good things for the fall at very reasonable prices.  This style is extremely simple and can be replicated with virtually anything you have in your closet; I call this the lazy Monday Outfit.  Tight jeans and heels make anything look better, if you don’t like heels then wedges are a good substitution.  I have to say heels do wonders for the female figure, especially the lower half.  Also I really love this sweater, Boys GAP has the best sweaters, sweatshirts and sneakers.  The tops generate a bit of a boxy loose fitted look, so if your going for that in an outfit, definitely check out their selection.

Coat $55.00 SALE - Click on image

Bag $59.99 SALE - Click on image

Jeans $138.00 - Click on image

Booties $41.93 - Click on image

Sweater $39.95 - Click on image


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