One Sweater Fits All

Hello Ladies,

As some of you know I attended my 5th year college reunion this past weekend at Gettysburg College, in Gettysburg PA.  This picture was taken there; it’s me, wearing a sweater that is mentioned below.  Packing for this momentous occasion did present some challenges, noted below:

  • People smoke in bars there, so anything you put on your body will take on a horrendous odor for the rest of the weekend.
  • Frat (Fraternity) basements are disgusting and will ruin your shoes, so don’t wear anything nice on your feet.
  • You will be seeing people you haven’t seen in years so look your best without giving off the impression that you tried to look your best.

I tried to follow those rules and came up with a few good options for day and night occasions.  What I did not factor into the equation was the temperature.  I didn’t bring a jacket and it was chilly there, so I paid the outlets a visit and purchased an amazing sweater from the GAP outlet that I wore all weekend and am currently wearing now at work!  What I tried to do was layer with some different pops of color and accessories.  My favorite look was combining two sweaters; the one underneath is lightweight and has an asymmetrical shape so the tails of the sweater pop out and present an interesting look.  I also belted it to provide a bit more shape, but used a skinny belt to keep it feminine.  Any jeans will do with this look, but here are some cheap high wasted ones I found.

Top Layer Sweater $44.99 - Click on image

Bottom Layer Sweater $138.00 SALE - Click on image

Jeans $100.00 - Click on image

Flats $49.95 - Click on image

Wedges $129.00 - Click on image





Belt $20.00 – Click on image


Bag $199.00 SALE - Click on image


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