Spandex/Leggins …. There Are Rules

Hello Ladies,

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with the CEO of a multimillion-dollar online fashion company; it was a very interesting and enlightening experience.  Unfortunately I encountered a bit of a fashion faux pas while I was waiting in the front lobby.  A young lady was sporting some shiny spandex, extremely high heels and a very short sweater (some might say it was cropped).  We all know that spandex/leggings are secretly the most comfortable yet fashionable piece of clothing in a women’s closet.   There are many ways to wear spandex/leggings but the most common is probably under a longer tunic, sweater or a plain shirt.  This look can be classy, casual, sporty…. the list goes on.  But the most important thing to remember is that the shirt that you choose to wear with your body binding britches, covers your bottom.  Sometimes what I will do to ensure proper coverage is wear a longer slip or tank top and then you have a nice layered look.   American apparel makes some really great cotton pieces that can be worn under blouses or as is.  See below for 3 styles I recommend, the Henley is great because it has long sleeves so you can wear that under something in the colder weather.  The H&M leggings are also great because they don’t fade and they are super cheap.

$9.95 - Click image

36.00 - Click image

$32.00 - Click image

$24.00 - Click image

$199.00 SALE - Click image

$128.00 SALE - Click image

$110.24 SALE - Click image

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