The Fall Poncho

Hello Ladies,

I have made it a habit to approach strangers in my local Starbucks and ask them where they purchased an item that strikes my fancy.  It is always an internal battle for me to do this; is it weird if I ask her about her shoes?  No, of course not all women like to be complimented on their outfits.  But what if she thinks I am stalking her? I go back and fourth like this a few times until I finally bite the bullet.    If I don’t ask then I usually end up regretting it, I definitely regret not asking the hostess at Mistral where she got her black dress with the gold grommets, but I was with a bunch of people who might have gotten embarrassed by my outburst.  I actually called the restaurant the next day and pretended to have lost an IPhone and asked if the person on the phone was the hostess from yesterday, she said no, and then I decided not to press any further.  Anyways I digress; there was a woman this morning wearing a beautiful poncho that she purchased from Zara.  You can wear anything with an oversized colorful piece on top, but I think the favorite look would be skinny pants and some chunky wedges, or boots.



$129.00 - Click image

$29.95 - Click image

$79.50 - Click image

$139.95 SALE - Click image


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