Après Ski


Hello Ladies,

Today’s post is dedicated to my dear friend Sarah, who, just the other day asked me what to wear out skiing to ensure that she looks good for the Après Ski.  The arguably most important part of a ski day, and for you single ladies, probably the only reason you agree to join your other friends for a weekend of skiing.  For those of you readers who don’t know what the Après Ski is let me enlighten you.

Après Ski: (French: after skiing) refers to going out, having drinks, dancing, and generally socializing after skiing, while still wearing all your ski gear.

Used in a sentence: Even though it’s still Blue Bird (Sunny) I’m done shredding pow (skiing) its time to leave Gnarnia (yes like the book, but gnarly hence the “G”) let’s hit the bar for some Après Ski.

After a hard day of skiing your hair is matted, you’re a little sweaty and in generally more of a disheveled state than usual.  There are tricks to fake it that make you look great!  Stick a cute winter hat in your ski jacket pocket (since you wear a helmet skiing) and throw it on when you enter the bar.  Or throw your hair up in a high ponytail or bun.  Let’s be honest we all hate those women who go into the bathroom and brush their hair and then walk out with their flowing locks.  The real Après Skier doesn’t bring a hairbrush with them skiing, and is in more of a rush to get a good high top table or frosty cold one.  Even though a hairbrush isn’t allowed, you can definitely stick a mini deodorant into your ski jacket for a hygienic emergency.  Since my ski pants are extremely high-waisted I always make sure to wear either a light weight vest or a loose fleece as an under layer so I have something hanging over the waist of my ski pants when I disrobe.  There is no rule saying you can’t take layers off at the Après Ski, so take those ridiculous layers off, but be sure to have on a cute waffle shirt or something solid to wear under that loose sweater or fleece.  If your in an outdoor Après Ski, depicted on the left, leave your jacket on, but throw on a cute hat or headband.

























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