Saddle Shoes…Remember When

Hello Ladies,

This picture inspired me to look for some saddle shoes, so I went to the most well known distributor, Bass!  Check out these cute saddle shoes, they can be worn with shift dresses, skinny jeans, or cropped pants.  These shoes bring me back to the days when I couldn’t wait for the first day of school.  I was just dying to wear my new fall clothing even though the temperature outside was still in the 80’s.  I remember I would lay everything out on my floor the night before the first day of school and I would contemplate which outfit to wear first.  I tried to stretch out my new wardrobe as much as possible, being careful not to wear too many new articles in one outfit, so I could leave some new things for the end of the week.  These fall days really remind me of the beginning of school, when I had my new pencil case and my new trapper keeper!  I don’t know about you, but I also used to save all the brown paper bags my mother got from the grocery store and make book covers with them.  If you attended public school you were responsible for covering your own books, and cover them I did!   My sister and I would pull out all the arts and crafts stuff and make elaborate covers using glitter, stamps and colored pencils.  One time my mother got really crafty and decided to sew our book covers…wow still can’t believe she did that!  Anyways, below are some great outfits that work with saddle shoes, I couldn’t decide which dress I liked better, so I put them both in here.  The dress with the V-neck is great because you can throw on a cute blouse underneath it.  Also, this look goes great with a cross body bag, something to tie it all together.





























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