Chunky, cozy, warm….

Hello Ladies,

I don’t know why but this weather inspired me to do a post on chunky scarves.  I think its wishful thinking on my part that the weather gets cooler so we can all relish in a hot beverage while walking, or in my case biking, to work.  I love the sensation of wrapping myself in a cozy scarf readying myself for whatever elements the Gods want to throw at me.  A nice scarf serves so many different purposes: warmth, a pop of color, covering up a low cut shirt, texture and comfort.  You can definitely wear outdoor scarves indoors; they look great with sleeveless shirts and skinny jeans.  And they just add a touch of elegance to a rather simple outfit.



































Another thing I like to do is layer on two scarves, a thicker solid one with a thinner print.  Sometimes the thicker scarves irritate my neck, so its nice to put the softer thinner scarf  closer to your skin.





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