November 10th Birthdays

Hello Ladies,

Today I am going to post in honor of the November 10th Birthdays!  Happy birthday first and foremost to Me, Sarah Bodenstab and Meredith Kaplan!  As my dad put it this morning: the Kaplan girls love their birthdays.  Yes, I did call my parents when I woke up this morning so they could wish me a happy birthday, I also called my grandmother and was going to call my sister but she beat me to it.  Usually I don’t try and make a big stink about my birthday at work, since I get so many love messages from friends and family, but this morning I felt a bit different.   While I was out enjoying my early morning run, Matt decided to go to Flour bakery and get every pastry under the sun, which was just fabulous.  I think I ate my weight in: almond croissants, sticky buns, blueberry muffins, brioche rolls and butter croissants.  But there were leftovers, so I decided to write Happy Birthday Tova on the box and put it in the kitchen at work.   Is that a little weird, possibly narcissistic, I have a blog for Pete’s sake…of course I am a little narcissistic, but at least people know to wish me a happy birthday, and honestly it feels great!

So back to fashion, I thought I would send some of my favorite birthday dresses!












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