Boots are made for walk’in

Hello Ladies,

I wanted to post about black boots today, I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of black boots for a very long time.  I thought I would find the answer to my prayers in NYC this weekend, I mean with all those shoe stores one would think that there was at least one pair that would fit my needs.  Well…I struck out again.  I did find an amazing pair of boots right on Christopher in the West Village but the boots were devoid of a price tag, which was my first problem.  My second problem was that when I asked for the price point the sales man said: “what does price matter when you are buying a pair of shoes that are made from real heart and sweat”.  Hmmm…in my case unfortunately price does matter and I had to leave the store without those $1150.00 boots, even though they were amazing and I could definitely tell were crafted with real heart and sweat.

Anyways the point being sometimes price does matter but I am not about to sacrifice style, quality or comfort when looking for the perfect black boots, and neither should you!  Below are a few of my favorites all under $200.00.








Rockport makes these, so they are guaranteed comfort

SALE $123 These are the best deal!

If your going for something with a touch of southern









These are all synthetic, which is great in New England when the snow and dirt gets into your boots, it won’t ruin the leather.  Also, synthetic boots tend to me a lot less expensive, all of the boots below are under $80.00.






Black boots with a heel-sometimes we all need a little height






These are some great winter boots, not particularly black, but the fur makes up for it.


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