A Little Leopard Print?

Hello Ladies,

Well I might loose some readership over this post but I am sort of shamefully digging the leopard print this season.  My friend Cameron doesn’t need this print to be in the trends, she is up front and honest about her passion for the L Print!  If she wasn’t so stylish she might be a repeat offender, by repeat I mean wearing the Leopard print dress, with the matching scarf and the matching shoes.   I like a little touch of brown, black, gold and white now and then, but there is a rule to this print.  The rule and basically the rule to life is: everything in moderation.

I decided to compile some great leopard print pieces that I have spotted recently.  Also something to consider, if you are not quite up to wearing a full printed dress, wear a single color outfit and jazz it up with a printed scarf or printed shoes.  I usually wear my black cotton long sleeved dress with my black tights and my leopard print booties (complimentary of Lulu Guinness).   You can work the print into your wardrobe without making that big of a commitment.


























  1. You’re shameful over digging the best animal print around?

    I LOVE leopard print…always have! Why do I have to wear it in moderation, old wise one?


  2. So funny! Just last week I caved about bought myself a pair of leopard booties from topshop. normally not my thing at all, but they are awesome. very timely, tovs, very timely!

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