Patterned Tights

Hello Ladies,

My friend Kristen asked about wearing patterned tights with patterned skirts and I assume the question stands for dresses as well.  Patterned tights are definitely a big trend this fall and winter which is AWESOME because…. there is nothing like stretching out a wardrobe with some patterned accessories.  If you think of a solid skirt or dress like a blank canvas then you are able to stretch the same staple item out a hundred different ways.  But that’s easy stuff, anyone can match a pattern with a solid, it’s matching a pattern to another pattern that gets tricky.

I don’t think there are any specific rules on how to best do this, not like the color blocking rule, but it’s easier on the eyes if you have a smaller pattern mixed with a larger louder pattern.  A little contrast and give and take is probably the best.   See below for some examples on how I would mix and match.  Also if you are into socks and thigh highs check out this website I just found!



These are Spanx! $28.00

























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