Blouse Denim Combo

Hello Ladies,

This morning I decided to use my Starbucks Birthday Gift 1 Free Drink Card.  I figured that since I was getting the drink for free I couldn’t just get the boring old soy misto that I usually have every morning.   I decided to spice it up with a Pumpkin Spice Latte…well what a disappointment.  I had a gut instinct not to get the drink, that it would be too sweet and give me a headache from all that sugary syrup.  But I decided, why not ask the barista her thoughts on the drink, take a chance go for it.  She told me that in fact the drink was very spicy and not sweet at all.  Oh man the drink is terrible, I can’t even finish it.  Anyways not sure what the point of that story was, but I figured I would blog about it to let everyone know…no matter how nice the picture is on the sign at Starbucks the drink is awful, don’t get it!

So I really love the way blouses look tucked into jeans with a belt and either a blazer or a cardigan over it.  I am thinking that I might sport this look for Thanksgiving.  I don’t know about you guys but Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday, we do tractor rides and garden tours in the Kaplan family.  I like to look cute but also wear something a bit baggy so I can comfortably lounge around after the meal is served.  Please everyone wants to undo the top button and pass out on the couch, you can only do that much socializing.   See below for a great blouse denim combo’s!

















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