Ask Me a Question or Suggest a Topic

Hello Ladies,

My lovely friend Lindsay Davis (notice the picture – that’s Lindsay’s “wait I have a question” face)  asked me to blog about some specific subjects.  Her question reminded me that I need to advertise the little icon on the blog that says “Have a suggestion or a question?  Email Me”.

Its there for a reason, I want feedback from you fine ladies!  If you have a style question, or a blog suggestion or just want to send me some lov’in – then do it!  I love hearing from people who are interested in what I have to say, after all I love feeling loved and noticed, I mean who doesn’t.

Get excited because I will honor Lindsay’s request and blog about the following things in due time:

How to find cute winter hats?

New Years Eve dresses that wont break the bank

How to dress cute but not frumpy for thanksgiving (Linds thought I answered that one yesterday…guess not)

The art of belting-where to place it and how to match it



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