Cute Winter Hats

Hello Ladies,

The weather today inspired me to write about cute winter hats…and since I patronized poor L. Davis I decided to answer at least one of her questions.

So I just got back from meeting one of my closest work friends/mentors!  And I left my cute winter hat at the restaurant, ugh I hate it when I leave things places it’s so annoying.  But I decided to call the restaurant and see if it was still there…well its not, I swear one of the girls working there liked it so much she decided to snatch it for herself.  Anyways the key to cute winter hats is to make sure the hat frames your face nicely.  Also, a little hair hanging down in front or a low ponytail in back can do wonders.  No one wants to look at someone wearing a hat with a huge bulge in the back like a nub; remember pull your ponytail or bun down below the bottom of the hat, so it lies flat against your head.  I mean I thought it was common sense, but I did happen to see a really bad offender last night so I might as well state the obvious.   For this reason alone I love those really wide headbands, you can get away with a lot more when you’re wearing a headband vs. just a hat.  See below for a variety of cute winter headgear!   PS a word to the wise, don’t borrow your friend or boyfriends hat to go running in, they might get upset if you don’t ask them first.  I learned this the hard way.


$48 (the hat is called the Babushka)































Click on this one I dare you!


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