Trash Bag or Dress

Hello Ladies,

Lots of you have been asking me to scrounge up some New Years Even dresses that won’t break the bank.  Well I say wear trash bags on NYE.  I mean they make great reflectors, if there is a disco ball your trash bag will definitely reflect all the light off the ball making you basically a moving target for awe and inspiration.  They can fit anyway you want, baggy, tight, short or long.  You can get them in a variety of colors, black, white, grey and green.  But best of all they are so cheap!  I remember a few years back all my college friends came to visit the Boston crowd and we were dining at the Barking Crab for lunch and it started to downpour when we were heading out.  Well there was only one thing to do…grab some trash bags and make a run for it.  But please don’t think I came up with that trick, I was taught at an early age to be very resourceful.  I was about five years old when my parents took my sister and I on a biking trip through Nantucket; we stayed at the hostel and ate tofu.  But the best memory that is always brought up in my family is when my mother outfitted our whole crew in trash bags, the rain was not going to stop our day of biking.

Alright I don’t expect you to seriously wear a trash bag, but here are some good ideas for NYE!































These are more for the Christmas work party, a little classier but could also be worn to a nice NYE party!
















  1. tovs that’s hot and hot!!! and super hot under all that rubber shizuka and I
    not talkin underpants!!! burberry’s doin it and callin it a clear plastic rain cape (with black bow – lame) just sain that the Lapland have been down with that dance for years and years. for some other plastic trends check out Karens getup the day of the summer hurricane, Topshop has a line of clear plastics as does Mary Ping and Masion Margela

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