Thanksgiving…Wow I am so original

Hello Ladies,

Well it’s the day before Thanksgiving so I thought I would post about things having to do with Thanksgiving, ha big surprise!

But, just an FYI I saw the new Twilight movie last night and thought it was the worst one yet.  I mean obviously the books are better than any of the movies, but come on its so much more Sci -Fi then I would have liked.  I used to be a huge supporter of Edward but now he just looks so weird.

Enough of my diatribes on Twilight back to Thanksgiving!  It’s a bit cliché to go into the ins and outs of why American’s love Thanksgiving so I thought I could touch on some of the things I hate about Thanksgiving and possibly give some perspective to the holiday.  I hate the quintessential colors of the Holiday decorations.  I mean brown, tan, red and orange.  It’s just revolting to drive into the grocery store parking lot and see giant turkeys spewing out the ugliest color combinations known to man.   Not only are there turkeys on the light poles, but also they have these ridiculous hats on them.   The hats are ugly; I dislike the pilgrim rectangular looking buckle in the front of the hat especially.  I also dislike the half-day on Wednesday, no one gets anything done and it might as well just be an entire day off, or an entire day on.  The only positive thing about the half day is when you were in school you had about 3 hours free from your parents watch.  No one had any rules or enforced when they got out of school around 11:30am.

But since this blog is about clothing I thought I would post some great outfits for Turkey Day and in general!









































$128.90 SALE


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