The After Yoga Look

Hello Ladies,

Just yesterday I attended a Hip Hop Yoga class with three of my favorite ladies.  If you live in Boston and have never taken the Hip Hop Yoga class at Back Bay Studios, I highly recommend it.  Its one of those things you just question and can’t picture yourself doing, until you are actually in the downward dog with the tunes of “Here comes the Hotstepper” encouraging you to work harder!  It’s the same feeling I used to get right before a big game, running around the field executing pre-game drills with JOCK JAMS VOL. 1.  playing in the background.  Sometimes we would use that and other times we would use a mix CD comprised of the latest hits from JAM’N 94.5.

The point being, Hip Hop Yoga can really transport you from the present to anywhere using the music as a catalyst for exploration!  There is noting better than a yoga class and some solo shopping to finishing up a long weekend. But you don’t want to feel too sweaty or disheveled coming out of a yoga class and entering SAKS or the movie theater.  So, I decided to post about transition clothing from yoga (or the gym) into society.



I absolutely love these sports bra’s.  We all know that I am a bit chesty and if I am telling you that they work for me, then trust that they will work for you.  What is also nice about the one on the left is that it has skinnier straps, so they don’t dig into your shoulders after wearing it for a long time.  Best of all they are cheap, so you don’t have to worry about wearing them down.  Just get another one for 10 bucks.





What is nice about both of these is that they run very long.  When you are in the class the length doesn’t matter, but when you leave and are walking around outside its nice to pull the tank down all the way to your mid-thigh.  The orange tank has a great asymmetrical hem line which ads a nice little touch.  Transition is all about layering and these make great base layers.





Thank goodness for Kohl’s and Target.  I do have to say the Danskin pants on the right are amazing, I love that brand.  They last forever and don’t wear out.  Plus they are a hell of a lot cheaper then Lululemon and just as good.  You can definitely wear yoga pants out in public after class and if they are a good material the sweat/moisture will dry quickly.





I love the striped boat-neck because the bottom is curved so it would look great over a longer tank top.  Also the fit is a bit loose so it would be very comfortable as a layering piece.  The grey long sleeve shirt is really nice because of the length and the slits on either side at the bottom.

















What is so nice about the above look is that you don’t have to match at all.  Its all about throwing things together to complete an outfit without the intention of matching each piece perfectly.  The layers look great but you give off the impression that you just threw something casually on and ran out the door.  All you need are some accessories (scarf, bag, hat) a jacket and some boots/sneakers and you have accomplished the sporty cute look.







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