Up late, tired but still lookin’ good…

Hello Ladies,

I am extremely tired from staying up late to watch Sister Act I and II.  I forgot how much I loved both of those movies; I don’t think they will ever get old for me.  My favorite part is when Whoopie saunters into her first choir practice with the other nuns and starts to work her magic…. who would have believed she would turn those dysfunctional singers into a ruckus jam band.  Anyways since I am partially brain dead this morning I am going to make it easy for myself and showcase an outfit that I love, break it down and sell off the pieces.  Maybe I can lead the way to some great cyber Tuesday deals!  I did happen to find the below black jeans, they are a great steal.  Just check out the website, you might get lucky!

























  1. Hey Tova,

    I haven’t seen you in years, but I totally get flashbacks to your personality reading this blog. I need all the fashion help I can get and enjoyed reading it. Keep it up!

    Meghan C.

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