Climbing leads to jewelry

Hello Ladies,

My forearms are absolutely killing me this morning as I type this blog post.  I had the pleasure of going climbing last night with Matt and his cousin Sarah at Metro Rocks in Everett.  There is a serious climbing sub culture that you really wouldn’t notice unless you were at Metro Rocks, like I was, or at a very crowded climbing site like Cochise Stronghold.  I was inspired by couple in matching splatter paint spandex, the thing is you can only wear pants like that on the rock wall if you can execute a 5.10 with zero effort.  This guy definitely could and I was really enjoying the view of the activity, from the ground.

As Sarah, Matt and I were shoveling burritos, guacamole and beans into our mouths after the intense climbing session; we began to chat about accessories.  First it was climbing accessories then mountaineering accessories and then the conversation landed on jewelry accessories.  So I thought I would dedicate this blog to just that!


First lets discuss necklaces…just keep your style going and bring it into the necklace.  I never like a lot of frills, color or gadgets in my clothing so I usually keep it simple with my necklaces.  I was telling Sarah that I keep one necklace on all the time, which is a daintier finer piece of jewelry, like a thin gold chain or a tiny pendant.  I keep that one and then layer on other statement piece when I feel its necessary.  This way you get the layering technique without even thinking about it.  The thinner necklace ads a bit more texture to the look without over doing it around the neck.  See below for some examples…

I will do Bracelets, Earrings and Rings tomorrow, so stay tuned.






































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