Friday Blues

Hello Ladies,

Did I really have seven glasses of wine last night?  No but I feel like I did this morning.  I probably had about three, which if you ask my mother, is about two too many.  Considering my mental state, I decided to keep it simple and comfortable for my work attire this morning, although I might be bordering on inappropriate.  I decided to wear black leggings, a striped oxford and my grandmother sweater.  Since it was 32 degrees this morning and my feet get cold on my bicycle I though it would be a great idea to throw on my magenta pink polka dot wool socks for the ride.  Of course I had every intention of taking the socks off before I walked into the office, but for some reason I remembered to take one off and I left the other one on.  It took a stranger acknowledging my unique fashion statement and commenting in a slightly uncomfortable manner in the elevator, for me to remember to take the second magenta sock off.

Most offices have casual Fridays, so I decided today I am going to post a wonderful casual Friday outfit, that doesn’t border on inappropriate, but looks cute and is comfortable.



I also had the pleasure of getting my Curve ID yesterday at the Levi’s store.  I had no idea but Levi’s is now making 3 different jean cuts under the Curve ID.  They measure your waist and your hips and based upon the ratio they classify you into the following three categories: Slight Curve, Demi Curve and Bold Curve.  I think you can guess the differences.  The majority of women fall under the Demi Curve, but they also have the other two because no two women are shaped alike.  The service was impeccable and the man who helped me was incredibly knowledge not only about the construction of the denim but also about cut and the fit.  Also…. these jeans are affordable.  So go and try some on at the Levi’s store on Newbury Street!


$47.50 SALE












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