Faux Fur Vests – or real if you dare!

Hello Ladies,

I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday morning.  I decided to go on an early AM run this morning in honor of December Slender; a term coined by the lovely L Davis.  It’s a little self-promotional memento to help stay trip and healthy during the holiday season.  Also this is super cool, if you sign up here you are eligible to get a free pass to the new CrossFit in Back Bay for the entire month of January…this is a once in a lifetime offer ladies, don’t miss it!

I have been really into faux fur vests lately.  I saw one over the weekend at a store in Marblehead called SHE; the vest was a darker shade of brown with some black and white mixed in.  I have included some other cool fur vests below, just in case you are also catching the wave of this trend.  The trend actually started last season but I think we can all carry it over one more year!

What I would wear to complete this outfit is a long sleeved black shirt, darker skinny jeans and some flat knee high boots, either black or brown.















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