His/Her Gifts

Hello Ladies,

Well the motto of this morning is, if you have a hole in your pants, regardless of whether its noticeable or not, and you are within 5 minutes of your apartment, GO HOME AND CHANGE!  So I had a tiny hole in my black pants this morning.  The hole was right next to my knee on the inside about 1inch wide.  I looked down, noticed the hole said to myself, Tova you can barely see that, and kept on riding.   By the time I was literally at the end of the street the hole was twice as big, and it kept growing.  I almost got hit by a car turning the corner because I was so fixated on the growing hole on the inside of my leg.  The ridiculous thing is that I could have easily turned around and gone back to the apartment and changed, but I didn’t.  So I just walked into my office looking for an easy fix like duct tape.  Well we don’t have any, so I resorted to scotch tape which essentially does nothing except draw more attention to the hole.  I guess I will just have to suffer through it for today and I have definitely learned my lesson.

So today I thought I would post on some great gift ideas, see below for some good cheap options:

Whale Bottle Opener $22

Temp Probe $21.50






Mitten Gloves $15.39

Subscription $12.00











Monogram $47.95









Subscription $15.00



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