Recycling The Oxford

Hello Ladies,

I hope everyone had an excellent weekend, I sure did.  I tried a little experiment on Saturday; I took one of my dad’s plaid oxford shirts and turned it into a dress.  Now, I would like to take credit for this idea but I was inspired by a fun little video that my friend Andi had sent me last week.  I threw on a longer tank top underneath and an open cardigan on top of the shirt to make the outfit a bit more seasonably appropriate.  This look is definitely not fit for work but a weekend brunch and a day of shopping were the perfect activities for an outfit that still needed some testing.  Check this video out, you will absolutely love it, and maybe it will spark some creativity for you, like it did for me.




There are lots of things you can do with an oxford shirt, whether its plaid, striped or a solid color.  They are really a year round wardrobe staple.  See below for some examples of how to bring this classic item into your everyday style.















$114 SALE



















Here are more pictures of my Saturday experiment…




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