Old Sweater…Cropped Sweater

Hello Ladies,

I decided to wear a sweater that I got in the 6th grade this morning, the beautiful thing about old sweaters is that you can wear them as a cropped piece right now, since the cropped sweater has come back into style.  This one is from Crew Cuts, the kid’s brand of J Crew.  As usual, I threw on a longer tank top for the layered look and some tight ankle length jeans.  I encourage you to reuse your old middle school sweaters, I am sure you have some from A&F just lying around collecting moth balls, and we all know those weren’t cheap!

Another thing you could try is throwing on a plaid or striped button down underneath the sweater and then rolling the sleeves up so the cuffs are over your sweater, this way you don’t get that awkward short shrunken sleeve look.



$117 SALE












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