Sweater & Jeans

Hello Ladies,

Wow it is bitter cold outside, why of all days did I decide to walk to work instead of bike?  I have an awkward length sweater that is just a little too tight around my mid-thigh and I don’t like to wear it over pants.  But tucked into jeans it looks great, it blouses out perfectly creating a very slimming effect.  You can tuck any type of shirt into pants, I happen to be wearing my high-wasted flared jeans this morning, but this would have worked with any pair (except low rise, I don’t think that would look very good).   Tucking a shirt into something transforms the entire shape of it and can be really useful when you are trying to stretch your wardrobe.  Another part of my outfit is my double scarf,  I wanted to add a bit more color into the combination so I decided to wrap my silk scarf in with the grey one.

$50 SALE

$40 SALE

$150 SALE








$30 SALE












  1. Tova! I love this look 🙂 I’ve always wanted to splurge on a pair of higher-wasted jeans, hoping to make my short legs look longer. Will that work? I have trouble finding pants… I’d love to hear/see what you think about us short-legged folks 🙂
    hope you had a good holiday season, sorry I missed you in MA. next time!

  2. Dear Tova:
    How wonderful that you have such a vivid memory of your Grandma connected in such a lovely way to the image of her making music.
    I’m quite sure that is just how Grandma Mollie would wish to have you ensconce her in memory.

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