Something Old Something New

Hello Ladies,

I have this really worn out silk blouse that was ripping at the bottom so I decided to rip off the bottom seam completely and transform it into something that intentionally looked shabby chic.   Since I was wearing all black I thought that the textured hem on the white shirt would break up the outfit and provide a bit more dynamics.  Pairing it with the cream boots was no accident, but the two whites are not a complete match in color, which I say is 100% a ok!  You don’t have to be matchy matchy all the time.  I did however throw on a bone white bangle to show the intentional miss matched white scheme going on.

Since you can achieve this frayed look with just about anything in your wardrobe I intentionally decided not to put any other links on this blog.  you don’t have to go out and buy something just rummage through your closet or those bags tucked all the way under your bed!  And I am sure you have a black shirt and some black pants you could bring to the surface as well!

 Enjoy rediscovering your wardrobe to find a new look!










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