Grey & Stripes

Hello Ladies,

Happy Friday!!!  I thought I would blog about stripes and my asymmetrical grey sweater this morning!  I know it’s a good morning when I get shout outs on the street, while I ride my bike and simultaneously drink my café ole!  Lets all pray for a little snow today as well, its crazy that its half way through January and there isn’t a flurry to be seen.

I thought the combination of the stripes with the sweater was something fun and casual.  Instead of just wrapping the sweater or letting it fall I used a high-wasted belt to hold it in place.  I love the way the top of the cardigan loosely drapes down the front.  See below for some good pieces that help achieve this look!



$24 SALE

$139 SALE









$80 SALE










One comment

  1. the question is tovs, just what were the shouters shouting??? you were drinking and driving and the many of us who know you, know that you are an exceptional driver… but with the stripes and all and your mad skills swerving and gliding it’s possible the shouters may have sensed a jailbreak…

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