Eat Popcorn

Hello Ladies,

I know this is a fashion blog but I thought I would break from the norm and talk about Popcorn.  I am completely obsessed with the stuff, I love it and you know what it’s actually not that bad for you.  Here is what I do, I heat up a pot on the stove, pour a little grape seed oil in there.  For those of you who don’t know Grape Seed Oil has a high smoke point so its good for things like this.  Then I wait until the oil has heated up and then throw a few kernels into the pot and see if they pop.   If they do then I measure a quarter of a up of kernels and throw those into the pot.  Make sure to shake the pot around while they are cooking so you don’t burn anything.  I forgot to shake the pot once and I ended up with a burning pot and a smoke filled apartment.  I usually don’t put anything on top of it but I have an “unsophisticated” palette.  You could sprinkle a little salt, pepper or chili flakes on there.  For those of you who know me well, can you believe I am blogging about food preparation?  Ha thought that would make you laugh!



One comment

  1. Hey Tov,
    You are really a secret gourmet cook and it’s just coming to the surface now. Food & Fashion, clothes to eat popcorn by… why not?

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