Happy Valentines Day

Hello Ladies,

I am sorry I have not been posting regularly, things in my life have been very busy! But I did want to leave everyone with some good wishes for Valentines Day!  Go out and buy yourself a present today because you deserve it, it does not have to be big…just something small and fun.  Here are some good ideas, things that make me feel special:

Single Stem Gerber Daisy:

They are usually no more then $5 or $6 dollars, they last a long time and look good as a single flower in a glass or vase.

Fun Lip Gloss: Just go to CVS and buy this fun Burt’s Bees gloss, its cheap and feels fantastic!

Panda Raspberry Licorice: You can find this in any grocery store, its all natural and not too bad for you.  If your craving something sweet today, definitely get some of these.  You can eat the whole package I give your permission!

Socks: Oh man who doesn’t love them.  I am in constant need of socks, for some reason my dryer loves to eat them up…and I must have spikes on my heels because they always have holes.


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