Reclaiming Denver/Aztec Prints

Hello Ladies,

I hope you don’t think this is turning into a travel blog because I can assure you it isn’t.  I just wanted to share the rest of my Colorado adventure!  My fiancee and I (its so funny to use that word now) drove from Telluride to Denver on Friday and let me tell you what an adventure.  We got to go through the Eisenhower tunnel which is amazing…. Picture yourself just driving right into the belly of a huge mountain…yeah that cool!

Anyways when we got to Denver our very dear friends took us on a microbrewery binge.  So I thought I would blog about the appropriate fashion for a tour of that nature.  Lots of Aztec prints are a definite must, plaids and jeans for the men; and anything reclaimed, recycled or randomly found is also acceptable.

Denver is about 3 things: Reclaiming, Drinking…actually its about 2 things.

Reclaimed Things:

Look Close


Aztec Prints:




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