Personal Shopping:

I am extremely efficient and hate to waste time.  What you are paying for is my initial research time figuring out what you need and where I should go to get those pieces.  Before we set out to shop I look online and in stores  pre-selecting different pieces I think might work for you.  After I do my initial research I then book time with you to go shopping.  My research time is included in my hourly rate which is $100/hr.  Shopping trips rarely take more than 2.5 hrs.

Closet Clean Out

I come to your house and reorganize your closet.  I clean out old/outdated clothing and things that don’t fit or flattery your body.  I rearrange your current pieces so you can have a fully functioning wardrobe again.  And whatever we decide to donate, I take with me so you don’t have to deal with it.  Whats left is a clean and organized closet, a fresh new wardrobe and a bright outlook on your personal style.  This usually takes about 3.5hrs

Flat Rate $300


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