The Must Have Basics

Hello Ladies,

Everyone needs good basics in their wardrobe.  Below is a list of things that I have in my closet that I use time and time again.  You should strive for high quality basic items because they are essentially the glue of your wardrobe and get a lot of repeat wear.

Jeans: I swear Old Navy makes great  jeans.  They come in all different shapes, sizes and lengths.  I am short, but have long legs and their Diva Cut jeans fit me better than Diesel, Seven or True Religion….





Silk Top: This is definitely on the more expensive side.  I got mine from Banana Republic a few years back and now its ripping at the seams.  I wear mine all year long, under a jacket tucked into a skirt, as a longer blouse with some cropped jeans or tucked into high wasted jeans and heals in the summer time.  I even wear mine under a dress that has a plunging neckline and an open back.  Just get creative, its very helpful and will never go out of style.  Any silk top will do, just make sure its long enough to tuck into your pants.



Black Tank Top:  I have a Theory black tank that, despite repeat wear, has never faded, ripped or shrunk.  You can usually get these tank tops on sale at SAKS or the Theory outlet.  I like to get the longer ones so I can wear them under tops and have them peak through at the bottom.  When you wear a shorter top over it you have a very funky layered look.




Black Cardigan: I happen to have a black cashmere cardigan from White + Warren that I got at a sample sale.  I wear this year round, it is a great layering piece in the winter and acts like a jacket in the summer.  It is also wonderful to wear on airplanes and trains for long travel days.




Black Pants: JCrew makes some fabulous cropped black pants.  The thing about black pants is, you don’t want them to fade and you don’t want them too long so they are dragging on the ground.  What is nice about any cropped pant is that they are one length fits all.  If you are shorter then you can wear them as ankle pants, if you are taller, like my friend Cameron, you can wear them as a true crop.  Another thing I like about these pants is the side zipper and the belt loops.  You don’t have to wear a belt with these pants, even though they have loops, but if you want to they are there.  And there is nothing better then a side zipper, it just screams comfort.



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